TV Wall Mounting services and fitting

wall mounted tv

An increasing number of TV’s are now being fitted to walls, either in the bedroom, or the living room. The majority of these tend to be big 50″ plus, and need the correct fitting in order to be safe. Ideally, you also need to look at hiding (or channelling) the cable to make a neat job.

BAs Digital can securely fit and install your wall mounted TV for you, with the correct fittings, and with the correct weight rating for your wall and equipment. We can also tidy and channel cables for you, or help with solutions to enable you to hide your cables in the best way possible. We will only supply and fit the correct wall mount bracket, suitable for anything from 22″ to 60″, or more.

For help or advice to do with mounting your TV or other equipment, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help.