Burton Aerial Services Van

TV, Freeview, Sky, and Aerial Installers for Uttoxeter

Bas Digital are based in Burton on Trent, which is where our head office is located,  but we have engineers in and around Uttoxeter on a daily basis, and we’ve helped hundreds of customers in the are over the years. Only 20 mins drive from our offices, Uttoxeter residents are one of our more popular, and we’ve installed satellite dishes, freeview aerials, Sky installations, and more throughout the area.

You can count on us to only provide you with the equipment you need, at the right price. With the many different types of aerials available, its often difficult to know which one to choose. Not all aerials are created equal, and the Uttoxeter TV signal (or your house specifically) may differ from someone elses in Derby, for example.  Knowing which aerial, dish, or distribution amplifier you need is key to getting the best reception on all channels.

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