The complete Freeview equipment and installation service. Supply and installation of Freeview receivers and aerials from a local professional company

BAS digital supply a range of Freeview aerials, recorders and receivers. We also offer an aerial installation service across the Midlands.

Freeview is the free digital TV service you receive through your TV aerial. It replaced the old analogue TV service from 2007 onwards.

Freeview includes the familiar main channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 & Channel 5) plus dozens more. It also includes radio stations and digital services such as the BBC Red Button. Freeview is evolving more and more, with new channels including data channels.

For most people, Freeview is the easiest and simplest way of receiving digital TV. Often you can use your old TV aerial, and most newer TVs already have a built-in Freeview receiver. You can view Freeview on an older TV using a Freeview set-top box or one of the newer Freeview+ recorders. In truth, most TV’s bought in the last few years will have Freeview included and also include smart apps to enable catch up tv.

Freeview box

Freeview Aerial Installation

Freeview requires a cleaner and stronger signal than previous analogue transmissions. If you are having trouble receiving Freeview, then you will need the correct aerial installing. Which aerial you need is based on your location and signal strength. In general, weaker areas need a better-suited aerial.

We also recommend the usage of new cable and TV outlets, to ensure minimal loss of reception.

Recording Freeview programmes and on-demand services

When most people started using Freeview the most frustrating aspect was not being able to record TV programmes.  This has become easier with the advent of Freeview+, Twin Tuners, or PVR’s.  On-demand services and smart TV’s are now making Freeview Recorders redundant. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can get Smart Freeview boxes instead.

Smart Freeview Boxes

Many Freeview boxes now have smart TV installed, which means you can watch iplayer, 4OD, Netflix, Amazon prime, ITV player and more.

This new generation of Freeview boxes means you don’t have to upgrade to a smart TV or use a separate box to view streamed content. You can do and view everything from the Freeview box.

Freeview Personal Video Recorders (PVRs)

A PVR has a programme guide just like your TV to make it easy to choose a programme to record, and can be set to record every episode of a series. It records on a large non-removable disk inside the Freeview machine, so there are no tapes or DVDs to load.

Freeview Equipment, Sales and Services

BAS Digital offer the complete Freeview service.  From a quick visit to your premises, we can decide exactly what you need for the best reception.

You may only need an aerial upgrade, then we can choose which one is right for you based on your location and signal strength. Or if you wish to upgrade your old set-top box to a fully functioning PVR and Freeview+ system, then we can supply and install everything you need.

For all your Freeview requirements, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide a no-obligation estimate.