Burton Aerial Service. Aerial Installers for Burton on Trent

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Burton Aerial Service have been installing and fitting TV aerials for many years, and our vans are a familiar sight in the area. From a simple aerial upgrade to running a multi room aerial distribution system, our engineers have installed hundreds of aerials over the years. During the digital TV switchover, many people needed a new aerial to continue to receive UK terrestrial TV. Those that didn’t perhaps carried on using their loft aerial or exterior aerial. With the advent of new channels and more HD content many people find themselves opting for an aerial upgrade. We can supply, fit, and install a new aerial wherever you require .

We also offer distribution amps and systems for multi room viewing. With new Digital TV, you can’t simply add another piece of co-ax cable splitter to your aerial and run it to your bedroom TV without some loss of signal to the other TV(s) in the house. In most cases, this loss of signal will be enough to cause problems in viewing. With a multi-room distribution system from BAS digital, we can fit and install the correct equipment needed for 1, 2 , 3 or more TV’s in the house, with no loss of signal or quality to any of them.