4G mobile phone mast upgrades are causing reception problems with Freeview

4G Mobile Phone Mast Upgrade

Mobile phone operators are now rolling out 4G across the country, which gives faster mobile broadband to its customers. Each mast is upgraded and fitted with the new 4G equipment enabling the fast data transfer. These upgrades are being carried out across the country, in most urban and rural areas.

4G and Freeview Frequency issues

4G runs on a frequency that is very close to the frequency that Freeview TV uses. The 800mhz signal used by 4G is so close to the freeview frequency that if you live close to a mast, use a booster, or are in an area with weak freeview signal then you may find that you lose your freeview TV completely. In many cases, a governing body set up by the mobile phone operators may send you a postcard to warn you of the problem before the mast is upgraded. However, this doesn’t happen in most cases as they don’t know exactly who will be affected, or where the affected areas are.  Because of this, many people are losing their Freeview TV signal overnight and have no idea why.

4G Equipment

To get your Freeview TV signal back, additional equipment may need adding to your existing Aerial system to stop the 4G signal getting to your Freeview Equipment or TV. If you think you are getting interference, or have lost signals, then give us a call – We can help!