Burton Freeview Aerials, Receivers, Equipment and Installation

BAS Digital are your local Burton Freeview, Aerial, and Satellite installers. With over 30 years experience in Aerial, TV Equipment and installation services, we are the local expert supplier for Freeview in the Burton area.

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Aerial Upgrades and Installation

Freeview requires a different type of aerial than the previous analogue transmissions used before the switchover. In many cases, people did not require an upgrade at the time and found that their existing aerial worked quite well. OVer time though, as more channels and HD content get added, you may find yourself wanting a freeview aerial upgrade. We supply, fit, and install everything you need for freeview.

Freeview Recorders and PVR’s.

Most modern TV equipment now comes with freeview receivers installed, so the old set top box is no longer required. However, if you wish to record Freeview TV, or watch one channel while recording another, then a Freeview recorder (or PVR) box is normally required. Some smart TV’s now offer USB recording direct from the TV, but it is often limited in its features.

Distribution Amps and Systems

Due to the way the Freeview signal works, you may find that your old existing multi room setup no longer works. With modern freeview signals and the increasing HD content, we generally find that a distribution amplifier is needed for most homes. We can supply, fit and install everything you need.

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