TV Aerial Distribution Systems

TV Aerial Distribution Systems and Services for Multi Room TV and DAB

The days of adding another cable to the existing aerial and expecting it to work are long gone. Modern Freeview and Digital TV works differently in that it needs a good uninterrupted and clean signal sent to the TV or freeview box. This needs to be at the correct signal level or you risk missing outon HD broadcasts, certain channels, or worse get no signal at all. This can affect all TV’s in the house at the same time.

A reliable and correctly installed¬†Amplified Distribution System needs to be fitted to your existing or new TV installation in order for you to receive all channels on all TV’s.

TV Distribution Amplified installation and set up

With the correct distribution system, you can send Freeview, DAB, and FM or Sky to wherever you need it. Upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, and bedrooms. We can do all of the cabling and installation for you, and we fully test our systems to ensure they meet the optimal signal standards required by todays modern equipment.